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About Ambe Winged Tours

Some call me The Bird Whisperer – some just call me plain ole lucky.
I call myself blessed and; fortunate to have a connection with many birds of prey.

I was adopted to a farm just outside of Listowel, Ontario. Grew up here all my life until College
– then ventured off up North to Sault Ste. Marie. Over the years, I have journeyed back to what I

call home.

I have many “man hours” or should I say – logged many “woman hours” into actively
researching the area of North Perth and surrounding areas. Last year 2021, I joined
the 5-year Bird Atlasing Program here for my area in North Perth. To help in the count of many
different bird nests and to see whom is sitting on the nest, to right up until the wee ones fledging. This
year was awesome for catching 3 Great Horned Owls nests and 5 Bald Eagle nests. To watch
them fledge is a bitter sweet moment. Its almost like – “aww my baby is all grown up and
stuff... Sniff*Sniff*”
And I am truly blessed that the Avian Bird Flu did not touch any of them.

yw6 - cropped only.jpg

I do my best to keep the bird’s atmosphere and well being in high respect.
After all – it's “I” who is venturing into their backyard. At some point during the brief encounter
– they will often look back at me for a split 2-3 second window of opportunity. This is what I like to

call as the: Acknowledgment Stare. It's like they, the birds, grant me access into their world.

My first group tour was amazing.  I ventured to their area along Lake Huron to two different
areas - Baie Du Dore and; McGregor Park.  It was a 6-hour tour of all girls.  Some of whom have
been birding before and some who were newbies.  Their reviews are on my website.  I
encourage everyone who takes a tour with me to add a review – so that others may join in on
the quiet, relaxing morning or evening out!
Birding can be for anyone – from very first timers, to the novice, and to the full out professional

photographer. I welcome you all. It gives me great joy and; excitement to see the excited and

shocked look on an individual’s face when they see what we find.
So come along with me on one of my tours and be “Awe Inspired



G’chi Miigwetch!
(Big Thank You)
Ange Coneybeare

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